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London Diving Centre (cave diving evening talk) Thursday, 25th October 2018  6.30 pm


Classic Darksite Diving

Take a tour of the classic cavern and cave diving sites of Britain and Europe. These are some of the very finest sites imaginable.

From the colder caves and mines of the UK to an unbelievable 35 degree spa site in Italy there are superb opportunities for everyone to aspire to – no matter what experience you have at present.



Cave Diving UK

Find out what’s involved in British cave diving, how to go about it and marvel at the most impressive sites.

Its far more accessible than you think and with the aid of our latest book – “Classic Darksite Diving” you’ll soon be planning your own underground adventures.



The Darkness Beckons Cave diving:

Cave diving: often described as the "most dangerous sport on earth". This talk is lively and entertaining and takes a look at all the popular cave diving destinations around the world, including the Lot- Dordogne, Spain, Florida, Mexico, Mallorca, Brazil, China, Borneo, Russia and Australia. It is a wide ranging overview of the subject, charting its history and development, the discoveries, the record achievements ...and the tragedies.

Take an inside look at this widely misunderstood subject and come away with images and tales of unbelievable wonder.

This is no dry and crusty lecture; this is an enthusiastic delivery and a wonderous insight to the last great frontier on earth. ... a rivetting experience, a talk you'll not forget.

Extreme Caving - The Caves of Llangattock Mountain

Beneath the mountains and valleys of Wales lies a world that few will ever visit. It is a world apart - cold, wet, muddy, inhospitable ...the "negative list" goes on and on. Yet this place will challenge, inspire and wholly captivate, and it is this aspect that has sparked the attention of explorers across the generations.

The world's highest mountains have long since been climbed, the last great frontiers have all been charted; our attentions turn to outer space.

But beneath our feet, far below places such as the Black Mountain at the head of the Swansea valley and Llangattock Mountain in south east Wales lies an incredible labarynth of caves that is far from being explored or charted. These are truly awesome, spectacular places.

This talk takes a look at the very best of Welsh caves their history, evolution, and the people involved. There is so much to be found. You'll marvel at the beauty, be amazed at the endeavour and understand why British explorers are some of the foremost practicioners in the world today.

There are hundreds of kilometres of caves beneath the hills and mountains of Wales - gain an insight to cave science, conservation and a fabulous, breathtaking world on your doorstep.

The Wonderful World of Caves

The lure of the world's longest, deepest, most beautiful and unique caves: the trials and tribulations of caving expeditions!

This is a personal insight to the glorious world of caves and caving. There are fabulous sights and incredible challenge as explorers push further and ever deeper underground.

We know which are the higest mountains, but which are the longest and deepest caves? Where will the next record be established? The general public have little knowledge or understanding of this esoteric realm. Come and see this talk and have your myths dispelled.

Entertaining, utterly fascinating ...you will be impressed and inspired.

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