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Date added: 20.01.2018 Evening talk at Otter Watersports
Otter Watersports, Bradford, are hosting Martyn who will be giving an entertaining presentation on 12 April 2018. Talk start 7.00 pm. Limited spaces.
Date added: 20.01.2018 The Darkness Beckons
The brand new edition, and it should have been given a different title (as its content is 90 percent new stuff!), of the internationally acclaimed work on cave diving - The Darkness Beckons - is now available from Farrworld. Signed and personally dedicated copies of both hard and soft back are in stock.
Date added: 18.12.2016 The Darkness Beckons
The long awaited , entirely new edition of The Darkness Beckons, will be published in spring 2017. There will be a limited print run of 500 hard back copies for which advance orders can be placed directly through the publisher. You can reserve your copy now (£40 inc. UK postage) at www.v-publishing.co.uk.
Date added: 10.09.2015 Exploration Cat's Hole Ireland
YouTube video outlining the discovery of 650m of new cave in the Cong area of County Mayo. http://j.mp/catshole
Date added: 14.07.2015 The Discovery of Delightful Cave
YouTube: https://youtu.be/KkpduhEsVfw In December 2014 Martyn was to discover a hitherto unknown resurgence in Gorge Creek. On Christmas Eve and Boxing Day two solo trips were undertaken, four sumps were passed, and over 500m of cave was explored.
Date added: 14.07.2015 New Zealand
Another exciting exploratory expedition to South Island, New Zealand, where a further mile of virgin passage was discovered. Old Cottage Cave was extended to Sump 9 and Delightful Cave in Gorge Creek revealed over 500m. Many other shorter discoveries.
Date added: 23.11.2014 Discovery in Wales
Diving breakthrough on the Gower: Report in Descent (Issue 240)
Date added: 23.11.2014 Recipient of photographic award
Recipient of the Giles Barker Award. This prestigious award is given in recognition of photographic excellence at the annual Hidden Earth Conference. (See Facebook Martyn Farr)
Date added: 29.07.2013 http://vimeo.com/71120328
Farrworld Adventures... a "Cave Diving Trailer" video
Date added: 29.07.2013 http://vimeo.com/71124115
Classic Darksite Diving video - FRANCE[ http://vimeo.com/71124115 ...a taster of the beautiful cave diving in the Lot area of southern France.
Date added: 22.04.2013 http://vimeo.com/64485207
Cave Diving in Florida: A taster
Date added: 11.02.2013 http://vimeo.com/59192278
Date added: 06.02.2013 vimeo.com/58668771

First in a series of first person videos from Martyn's solo exploration trips in New Zealand during November and December 2012. Pure virgin cave seen only by Martyn (and now you !) https://vimeo.com/58668771 https://vimeo.com/58668771[/VIDEO vimeo.com

Date added: 22.06.2011 Clulite head torch - see SHOP Equipment
Clulite head torch is a very serious contender for underground lighting and one of the best value for money lighting products you'll come across
Date added: 22.06.2011 Poseidon Cyklon 5000 with metal second stage at promotional price - see SHOP Equipment
The Cyklon 5000 is the cave diver's regulator of choice - rugged, reliable and versatile
Date added: 22.06.2011 Beaver Caving Oversuits now in stock at best price in UK - unbeatable value
Beaver caving suits are now available at Farrworld at the best price anywhere in the UK Please see details in SHOP Equipment
Date added: 18.05.2011 Poseidon Regulator Promotional Sale

Cyklon 5000 with metal second stage. The cave diver's regulator of choice - versatile, rugged and reliable.

See SHOP entry  EQUIPMENT section

Date added: 18.05.2011 Extreme Cave Diving - The Transition From Open Circuit...

Read DIVER Magazine for an account of the August 1999 expedition



Date added: 18.05.2011 Ojamo Mine Finland

Ojamo Mine in Finland is one of the most popular mine diving sites in the world. Read DIVER Magazine August 2008 http://www.divernet.com/other_diving_topics/cave_diving/160919/a_weekend_in_the_dark.html

Date added: 18.05.2011 Mine Diving in the UK

Mines are different to caves. They have a special allure... Read DIVER Magazine June 2007


Date added: 18.05.2011 Mexico - A Tale of Exploration

The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico is riddled with submerged caves. For an account of a typical expedition read DIVER Magazine  in 2000 http://www.divernet.com/other_diving_topics/cave_diving/160906/between_two_floors.html

Date added: 18.05.2011 Russia - As Hard As Nails

When it comes to extreme diving Russia has little competition... Read DIVER Magazine  May 2006:


Date added: 18.05.2011 Florida - The Sunshine State

With all the facilities a diver could wish for cave activities in Florida are first class... DIVER Magazine November 2007: http://www.divernet.com/other_diving_topics/cave_diving/160917/sunshine_state_keeps_grim_reaper_at_bay.html

Date added: 18.05.2011 Mexico - Simply The Best

Cenote diving in the Mexican Yucatan is simply the finest and most exotic experience an adventurer could wish for...

Read: DIVER Magazine...


Date added: 18.05.2011 Cave Diving in Brazil
Some of the dive destinations in Brazil are as far off the beaten track as its possible to venture. Read DIVER: http://www.divernetxtra.com/travel/0202caves.htm
Date added: 07.12.2010 Dominican Republic

Two week cave diving trip to the Dominican Republic article appeared in DIVER in November 2010. Read the article in Diver Magazine

Date added: 30.09.2010 Expedition to Pozo Azul

Perhaps the most audacious cave diving expedition of all time… witnessed a spectacular new world record for a cave diving penetration.

READ:  http://www.divernet.com/other_diving_topics/cave_diving/685641/diving_everest_in_pozo_azul.html

Date added: 01.10.2009 Sardinia
Photographic trip to Sardinia
Date added: 31.07.2009 Pozo Azul, northern Spain
Support diver and photographer on trip to Pozo Azul, northern Spain
Date added: 30.06.2009 Lot region of France.

Annual cave diving “guiding” trip to the Lot region of France. A week’s classic cave diving in some of the most spectacular sites in Europe – the Fontaine de Truffe, Emergence du Ressel, the St. George, the Cregols and the Trou Madame.

Date added: 01.06.2009 Irish Trip
Annual trip to the west of Ireland, involving both cave training and exploration
Date added: 07.05.2009 Turkey Trip
Photographic trip to Turkey. Full story to follow
Date added: 01.01.2009 Costa Blanca, Spain
Photographic trip to the Costa Blanca, Spain

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