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Explorer 1 Harness

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The Explorer 1 Harness is designed for simplicity. It is without question the most robost and versatile professionally made harness on sale today.  No other cave diving harness will compare when it comes technical operations deep underground. The lower part of the cylinders are fastened to stainless steel D-rings (such as A or B, the latter being moveable around the waist. All metalwork is s/s 316). Bungee cord runs from (C), which can also be used to fix a wing; this clips to (B) while the harness is put on, and then moved under the arm to (D).
Dive reels may be attached to the lower D-ring (E).

The belt may be removed/replaced in a matter of minutes, allowing rapid weight adjustment and/or cylinder repositioning. EASE OF ADJUSTMENT is a key feature with this harness.

No specific recommendations are given regarding the incorporation of a wing, (see comment at bottom) but this is a simple addition to make. Diamond, X Deep and Finn Sub wings are excellent and easy to attach. (Take a look at the wing images to be found at the start of the UK Image Gallery) Please consider the basics. For optimum use of a wing and effective streamlining weighting must be appropriate. Unless diving in open water, use the smallest wing possible. (Using shock cord and small accessory-type attachments, it is possible to attach/detach the wing in a couple of minutes.) Thought must be given to ensure that the wing does not ride high above the back or "flap". As with the configuration of the harness itself, some time will need to be spent fine tuning or adjusting the wing and this is especially the case when using aluminium cylinders (unless you attach a block of lead to the lower section of the cylinder). The diver should familiarise himself/herself thoroughly with the configuration and use of the harness in open water before using it in an overhead environment.

Explorer 1 is without question the most VERSATILE, EASILY ADJUSTABLE and best value for money side-mount harness on sale. Look at the various product offerings in this field, look at the quality and whos using them and you will come to one conclusion. For STREAMLINED cave and mine diving in challenging environments the Explorer 1 is unsurpassed.

Final comment: For the majority of diving in caves and mines, indeed most exploratory operations, I do not use additional buoyancy other than a drysuit. In open water its a different matter.

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