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We are based at Crickhowell in south east Wales where you will find the very best cave and mine diving sites in the UK. Local venues offer unparalleled variety and scope for all manner of activity. The primary training sites are unrivalled in the British Isles with visibility rarely less than 30 metres and water temperature eight degrees or better. These are all-year sites and remain unaffected regardless of the weather. Featured in BBC1 programme "Britain Beneath Your Feet" this is a magical environment that never fails to enthrall. Training and guiding is also undertaken in France.

Farrworld is now in its nineteenth year as a professional facility, specialising primarily in cavern and cave diver training, guiding and, in addition, “dry” cave experience for those so inclined. Our aim is to provide a safe, enjoyable and highly memorable experience for everyone. In 2018 we also offer training and GUIDING opportunities in France (where the conditions are more favourable).

Martyn Farr

Martyn is world renowned as a caver and cave diver. He is responsible for the discovery of miles of cave passage in many countries and is internationally acclaimed for his prolific writing and stunning photography. Caving from the age of ten and discovering new caves by the age of 16, Martyn remains as passionate as ever.

Age has not diminished his enthusiasm or powers of endurance. In November 2012 he explored over one mile of new cave in South Island, New Zealand and in December 2013 he discovered another mile of virgin cave beyond sumps in the same area. A year later further outstanding finds were made and he extended Old Cottage Cave to Sump 9.These were solo undertakings which amazingly he managed to video. He has also undertaken the classic traverse of Nettlebed Cave in New Zealand, one of the most challenging through trips in the world. Other areas explored include the remote Nullarbor Plain of Western Australia. Many original explorations have been, and still are, achieved in Ireland and Wales. In the summer of 2014 Martyn discovered hundreds of metres of new cave in the Gower, reported in Descent Magazine (Issue 240). Again, in July and September 2015 he explored over 650m of new passage in Cat's Hole, near Cong in Ireland and in 2016 he achieved a major advance in Le Bastit cave in France. Instructional cave diving and photographic assignments are conducted on a weekly basis.

Martyn began cave diving in 1971 and by 1981 had established a world record for underwater cave penetration in the Bahamas. In the UK he is particularly renowned for his exploration in Wookey Hole - 1977 and 1982 - and the first traverse of Llangattock Mountain in Wales in 1986. Many expeditions have been made worldwide, to such places as Iran, Mexico, Borneo, China, Dominican Republic, Japan, Spain, the Canary Islands, the Ballearics, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Australia, Russia and most recently New Zealand.

Internationally recognised as a cave and cave diving photographer, with his work appearing in many leading magazines including the Sunday Times in December 2013 and the Mail On-Line in 2014.  Martyn has also helped produce many films and programmes for television and radio, the latest "Britain Beneath Your Feet" (BBC1) was released in July 2015. He has taken any number of celebrities underground, perhaps the most famous being HRH Prince Harry and Prince William. Martyn is a qualified PSA Cavern, Nitrox and Cave Instructor Trainer. No other diver training organisation has more experience to conduct these specialist activities. Courses are enlivened with real life anecdotes and personal experience. Martyn is an exceptional instructor and ambassador for the sports of caving and cave diving.



The Darkness Beckons - Get yours signed and personally dedicated here now...

First in a series of first person videos from Martyn's solo exploration trips in New Zealand during November 2012.
Pure virgin cave seen only by Martyn (and now you !)

https://vimeo.com/95912583  - The Discovery of Avalon

YouTube videos of more recent discoveries for example at Cat's Hole, Ireland... 


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