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Welcome to FarrWorld, specialists in overhead environment cave diving training, exploration, underwater survey, photography & caving equipment sales. Farrworld is a specialist facility training divers for recreational activities in the overhead environment. Our programmes are normally undertaken in the caves and mines of the UK, but the lessons learned translate directly to wreck penetration and ice diving.

It is the Farrworld mission to impart the knowledge and techniques to facilitate a safe and enjoyable introduction to this challenging world. No other British organisation has more experience in this environment. The skills attained enable certified students to enjoy this wonderful sport all over the world. We all appreciate that there is no substitute for high quality training in British waters.

Martyn Farr's books, harness, Poseidon regulators, innovative armband for emergency equipment, knives,  Beaver caving oversuit, Beaver protective knee pads, tackle bags, cave lights and other products are available to buy online by clicking the Shop link at the top of the page. Come on in, the darkness beckons...

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Martyn is presently offering 10 of his top selling Caving and Cave diving images for sale.

Latest News

Dark Frontier : Spittal Springs, New Zealand 2014           https://vimeo.com/97136597

The Discovery of Avalon New Zealand  2014                   https://vimeo.com/95912583

New Zealand expedition 2013 - 2014:                           Over 1.8km of new cave discovered

Pozo Azul 2013  ...an epic of our time!                           https://vimeo.com/73807131

Classic Darksite Diving - FRANCE                                    http://vimeo.com/71124115

Cave Diving in Florida: A Taster...                                  http://vimeo.com/64485207

New book out NOW. "Classic Darksite Diving" published April 2013 SEE Shop


EXPLORATION VIDEOS ON NEW ZEALAND 2013:                http://vimeo.com/58668771

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